About Me


My name is Brennan Wilkes, I'm a DevOps and Full-Stack developer from Victoria, Canada. I'm proficient in programming languages like TypeScript, Bash, Python, C++, Java, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and PHP, as well as DevOps and cloud technologies like Docker, Terraform, AWS, GCP, and Github Actions. In addition to software development, I was formally a professional football coach, working as the head coach of the Eric Hamber Soccer program, as well as an U-15's coach at KLM Football Club. In my spare time I go backpacking, and my travels have taken me to destinations such as Brazil, South East Asia, Western Europe, much of North America, and many of the South Pacific island nations.

On this website you can find my resume, as well as an informative list of the software development projects in my portfolio. My travel photography/videography can be found on my travel page, and my backpacking guides can be found on my backpacking page.