The goal of this page is to provide you with a rough estimate of what to expect price-wise in the various countries of the south pacific. This information is partially from personal experience, and and partially an amalgamation of my research. Obviously all costs are estimated, but the idea is to give an impression of what to expect, not a precise budget to follow. Accommodation estimates are based on the cheapest option possible (within reason), bar camping. Food estimates assume mostly personal cooking, with the occasional purchased meal.

Room, food, and activities, and total are displayed as per day, but are calculated based on a week stay. For example, 7 activities of prices 0, 5, 10, 10, 10, 30, and 30, will be listed as 13.5. If there isn't a weeks worth of paid actives in a region, free ones will fill out the empty days, causing the daily average to drop. Activities prices include estimated transportation costs, excluding hitchhiking, unless hitchhiking is the only option, so keep in mind that this amount can be lessened by relying solely on hitchhiking. Activities do not include diving. Every island in the pacific has diving, and costs are pretty standard.

Transport refers on the cost of transportation from the countries hub to the region, round trip. Average for the country refers to the total cost of visiting every single region, connecting via the cheapest route possible, not the average of visiting each region individually. Sometimes this route is only available by visiting every region, so it will be less than the sum of visiting each individual region.


For the Federated States of Micronesia, transportation refers to a round trip flight from Guam → FSM region → Guam. Total for the country refers to an island hopper ticket Yap → Guam → Chuuk → Pohnpei → Kosrae → Majuro. It is fiscally best to combine the FSM with other Micronesian countries.